Holiday on the Square Spotlight: Wilbur's Barkery

Friday, November 28, 2014
When it comes to your holiday shopping list, make sure not to forget your furry friends!  Wilbur’s Barkery makes healthy and wholesome treats for your four-legged pals including a gluten-free line for pups with allergies!  Make sure to stop by their booth at Holiday on the Square.

Tell us a little about the founding of Wilbur's Barkery? 
Wilbur's Barkery was started in Spring 2012. But the idea of the Barkery first started around Christmas 2010, the year Wilbur came into our lives! Homemade dog treats were made for all of Wilbur's friends that year for Christmas. After getting a lot of positive feedback about the treats, we began making other types of healthy, homemade treats for dogs. We found by making these treats for Wilbur, it helped him maintain a healthy diet without the fillers that are added to store-bought treats. We also learned that Wilbur also has colitis, which is agitated by the fillers and preservatives in store-bought treats. All of our treats Wilbur can eat without agitating his colitis. 

After doing a lot of research on what is healthy and unhealthy for dogs, recipes were formed and dog treats were made. As we continue to learn more about the health benefits of certain foods, recipes we create will incorporate these foods so your dog can reap the health benefits as well.

Our promise to you is we will bake our treats to order! We pride ourselves on healthy, wholesome treats with no fillers, animal by-products, chemicals, coloring, artificial additives, or preservatives. With this process, we can ensure that the treats are healthy and you can feel good feeding them to your pet!

What kinds of products will you be featuring at Holiday on the Square? 
We are looking forward to be a part of this year's Holiday on the Square! I have been busy baking a lot of delicious treats for our four-legged friends! We will have a variety of items available. There are 5 types of Woofer (bone) flavors to choose from: Oats and Honey, Sweet Potato and Apple, Banana Carrot, Wheat (topped with a Worcestershire sauce glaze), and of course Peanut Butter! Our bones come in a variety of sizes ranging from mini bones to x-large bones! We also have a line of soft treats for those dogs who prefer something softer to chew on. Those dogs who have allergies...we have a line of gluten free treats as well!

As for the holidays, we have some great stocking stuffers and ornaments filled with bones! We also have some bones cut in Christmas shapes and wrapped like presents! For those of you who like to bake your own bones or are looking for something fun to do this holiday season with your children or grandchildren, we have "Make Your Own Dog Treats" jars available! We give you all the dry ingredients, a cookie cutter, and the recipe. All you need to do is add the wet ingredients and have fun!  

Is there anywhere else our readers can find your products? 
We have an online store ( where orders can be placed. We also have our treats at The Post in Scranton and in Stately Pet Supply in Clarks Summit. We are also in the process talking with some other stores to get our treat in. 

Find out more about Wilbur’s Barkery:

Pictured above: Wilbur!

Holiday on the Square’s Local Love 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are you searching for that perfect gift for your local-loving friend?  Well, look no further. Our Holiday on the Square vendors have created an abundance of creative locally-themed gifts to make your holiday shopping a snap!

Tig & Cooney’s Vintage Map Stone Coasters (pictured here Vintage Scranton Map) and Historic Scranton Buildings Coasters

Valerie Kiser Design’s Electric City Print Onesies & Adult T’s and Hoodies,

Revival Letterpress prints of historic downtown Scranton buildings

Scranton Steam’s Local School Spirit Pendants. Handmade using recycled watches. A Holiday on the Square exclusive!!! (Pictured here Scranton High, Scranton Prep & University of Scranton pendants)

Eclectic City upcycles local wood into art pieces sure to be welcome in any home in the Electric City!

AnthraChic’s Vintage Map Tie Tacks, Cufflinks, and Pendants. Normally a made-to-order product, a limited number will be available exclusively at Holiday on the Square!,

ScrantonMade will also have our exclusive line of mugs, bags, postcards, prints & some new surprises!  Stay tuned!  

See you at Holiday on the Square on Courthouse Square Dec 5th & 6th!!!

Holiday on the Square Spotlight: Vintage Meegan

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
We’re delighted to share another first time Holiday on the Square vendor, Vintage Meegan. They take vintage fabrics and turn them into the most gorgeous handbags and accessories. They are also debuting a new line of candles housed in cool vintage soda bottles!

Tell us about Vintage Meegan and the types of products you make? 
We're based in South Abington Twp and I've been in business since 2009.  I sew all sorts of products out of vintage and recycled materials - purses, bags, coasters, etc.  We've also started making soy wax candles in repurposed vintage bottles.

Have you always been interested in vintage fabrics and is collecting them an obsession?
I've always been interested in vintage stuff - it just seems to have so much more character.  The obsession (because if you saw my fabric stash you would understand that it is truly an obsession) started probably around 2008...  I started doing this so I would have something useful to do with all of this great material.

What types of items are you planning to feature at Holiday on the Square?
We're featuring a new career girl bag I just designed - I'm calling it that because I was looking for a little more structured bag that I could use in my professional day job.  This fits the bill.  I'm also debuting a new style wristlet and some coasters that I think are cool.  But the big new item we're featuring is our Wax Junky candle line.  These are really neat cut down soda bottles - many still have the old colorful artwork still on them.  We love them and we think our clients will too.  A lot of local really cool old bottles.

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Holiday on the Square Update: A Sneak Peak at what our vendors are crafting up!

Monday, November 24, 2014
We can't wait to get our holiday shopping on at Holiday on the Square. Our vendors are hard at work to make your holiday shopping more fun than ever! 

Solid Shave Soap by Alchemy Home Company

Necklace by Cole Hastings

Reclaimed wood Sign by Eclectic City

Mosaics by Fly Me Home

Jewelry by Laura Bee Studios

Wild Flower Honey by Newkirk Honey

Straight, No Chaser Traditional Mead by The Colony Meadery

Children's apparel by Valerie Kiser Design

Gourmet Dog Treats by Wilbur’s Barkery

HOTS Spotlight: Get to Know Mount Pleasant Herbary

Sunday, November 23, 2014
There is nothing quite like a luxurious handmade body product. They make the best holiday gifts! We're so excited to have Mount Pleasant Herbary vending at Holiday on the Square!

Tell us about Mount Pleasant Herbary and what you do…
My name is Gudrun, and I am the founder of Mount Pleasant Herbary. I learned a lot about growing herbs and their beneficial properties from my mother, who is an active gardener. After moving from Germany to the US in 2002, I desperately missed the wide selection of herbal tea blends I could choose from in my home country - so I started growing my own. My friends loved my teas and wanted more - that's how Mount Pleasant Herbary came to life in 2009. Shortly after I added botanical soaps, salves and Buckwheat pillows that can be heated up in the microwave. Creating natural, nourishing herbal products is truly what I love to do, and I believe your senses will notice the effort, creativity and love I put into my creations.

90% of all herbs used in my products are grown in the Mount Pleasant Herbary Garden without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Lavender buds for sachets and the Buckwheat pillows are purchased from organic suppliers.

What kinds of products do you create and sell?
My best seller is the botanical soap. It is a cold process soap that is vegan (the base is olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter & castor oil), and made with essential oils only (with the exception of coffee soap), and herbs from the Mount Pleasant Herbary Garden. All soaps are made with botanical "chunks": dried herbs are grinded to powder and added to triple milled soap. After hardening, the herb infused soap will be cut into stripes and added to a fresh batch of soap (while it is still liquid). This process is gentle on the herbs and keeps their beneficial properties intact.

One day I made a batch of soap that was not very nice looking, yet it was perfectly fine soap. I remembered a felting class I had taken years ago and turned the ugly looking soap into a batch of felted soap. My customers loved it, and so the felted soap became a part of my product line. (I am not waiting for any more for a batch of soap that looks ugly though - I purposely make soap that has the same high quality vegan ingredients but is slightly smaller).

As I mentioned before, I also sell Buckwheat pillows in different sizes: There are neck pillows (great for tense muscles in your shoulder and neck area), eye pillows (relaxing after the end of a yoga session) and BooBoo pillows (little pillows that can be stored in the freezer until a child needs this comforting and soothing touch in form of a little pillow).

Not too long ago I also started making herbal salves: Calendula salve, Plantain salve, Baby salve, Bug repellent and lip balms.

What will you be featuring at Arts on the Square?
I will bring some molded soaps with me that make great gifts for the holidays. There will be fairies, star and tree shaped soaps, soaps that say "joy" and teddy bear soaps for kids.
I also just created a new felted soap for men. It is made with a darker color and scented with essential bay rum, vetiver and cedar oil. Since felted soap is perfect for scrubbing off garden dirt, paint, grease, etc. from your hands, it will be a perfect gift for the handyman in your life.

There will also be gift packages available in all different price ranges, nicely decorated with ribbons pine cones.

Where else can our readers find your products during this holiday season?
I will be selling my items at local Farmer's Markets (Cooperage in Honesdale PA and Callicoon NY) and at Holiday Shows in the area (Scranton Cultural Center on November 30th and Cooperage in Honesdale on Dec. 14th). 

Are you products sold in stores?
There are a few local stores that carry my items, like Milkweed in Honesdale, Callicoon Trading Co. in Callicoon NY, Heirloom Acres in Narrowsburg NY. I am currently working on expanding my wholesale partnerships.

Tell us about the classes you teach.  What do you have coming up?
I am planning on hosting some classes after the holidays when everything calms down a bit. I am thinking of teaching several classes about making your own creams and moisturizers, deodorant, lip balms and other body products. Then I would like to teach a class about making your own herbal cleaning products. Time and Places still need to be confirmed, so make sure you like MPH on Facebook or sign up at my booth with your email address in order to receive updated information.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
What I love most about what I am doing is the contrast between a quiet day at home, harvesting herbs or making a fresh batch of soap in my kitchen, and then the hustle and bustle that comes with an event like "Art on the Square". Meeting my customers who appreciate the efforts and love I put into my products, is the reason why I keep reloading  my car over and over again.

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