Campfire Music Festival : Cristin Interviews the event organizers!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
ScrantonMade supports arts AND music, so we knew we had to hop on board when we saw CampfireMusic Festival coming to Lakewood, PA... only 55 min away!!!  Not to mention lots of my favorite friends are playing this wonderful 3 day event! (Rogue Chimp, The Indobox and Pappy).

To boot - I'll be celebrating my last weekend of freedom...hehe! - The following weekend I'll be marrying my handsome fiance, Jacob Cole of Rogue Chimp - who happens to be kicking off the festival Friday at 4pm on the Main Stage. 

 We'll keep you posted from our instagram, and follow up after the event with interviews from "ScrantonMade" bands as well as lots of photos.
This festival is one of a kind!  It has pools, a lake, mini golf, a rock climbing wall, a butt load of activities, and be sure to bring your yoga mat to get your flow on! (link:  
We chatted with festival coordinator Ricky Ginsburg about the event....

How did Campfire choose the PA location?

It chose us! The promoter, Steve Kops, attended the camp. His wife and kids work and attend. It's a beautiful location for an intimate festival with pristine camping, lake etc.

Was it important for Campfire to include some local bands?

For sure. I believe festivals should be a celebration of the regional culture and the local bands are the lifeblood of that community. It's so exciting to shine a light on the guys that are living right here, so much talent amongst Rogue Chimp, Pappy from Cabinet, Amy Helm and her band. 

Who is your favorite act not to be missed?

I really love Langhorne Slim, Ryan Montbleau and Delta Spirit but honestly every artist on the bill is a band that at one point or another I was obsessed with.

Tell us about all the fun activities you have on grounds.

They're endless! Rock Climbing and Yoga, we have costume kick ball and a costume slam dunk contest..duh?!

Do you plan this to be an annual festival?

Without question. We have spent three years planning this event to insure it is sustainable for years to come. We want this to be a new end of summer tradition for folks in the Northeast. 

Why do you think music festivals are important to the music industry?

Well, it might sound naive but I don't spend much time thinking about the music industry. It's such a beast and can have some really dark alleys. I try to focus on creating a culture within our organization that will celebrate the community, artists, healthy living and memories with friends and family. If we can accomplish that and it helps the industry in some way then that's good too I guess. 

With all those great acts and fine tuned details, there is no reason to miss this great festival!!!  3 days of music, games, cabins, swimming and so close to home!  I can't think of a better way to celebrate getting married while working at my dream job (ScrantonMade), getting to hear music, see my fiancee play, dance, and play in the summer sun. 

Find out more about CampFire Festival:

Through the lens of Laura Ancherani of Organicography: Arts on the Square 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014
It was so much fun to pARTner up with wedding & lifestyle photographer Laura Ancherani of Organicography to photograph Arts on the Square.  We think you’ll agree Laura captured some amazing moments On The Square!

What is your background?
I grew up loving all forms of art and performance but didn't get into photography and design until later in life. I am completely self-taught in photography with no formal training but I am currently studying graphic design at Marywood University.

When did you get into photography?
I began shooting in 2000 when my family moved to the country. I would go on long walks and just shoot nature and the town with my mom's camera. Once people saw my work there was a snowball effect and I had my first solo exhibit within 2 years and I have never looked back since. Photography for me is just something that is relaxing and completely natural. It brings me great joy :)

What was your most memorable shoot?
 I have so many that I love but there's one I captured on a whim of my daughter smelling a flower that I just adore! We were on a walk together and it was just a small moment and I felt lucky that I was able to capture it forever.

Do you think photography and graphic design go hand in hand?  
I think being able to do graphic design can enhance what you can do with the presentation of your photographs i.e. creating books, cards, ads, etc. I like being able to do my own work and not rely on someone else.

Does being a graphic designer change the way you take photos?
No not unless I'm working on a specific project but most of the time that never enters my mind. I consider myself a photographer first and a graphic designer second.

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?
I started off as primarily a landscape photographer and then got into covering events and people so I would say it's hard for me to choose. I really enjoy all of it! I started shooting weddings in 2009 and I still get butterflies in my stomach as if it was the first time! I consider it a huge honor that families and couples allow me to be a part of their lives in such a big way :)

We loved having you as a partner for AOTS, why do you think it’s important to partner with community events?
I think it is important to support our local arts community and to make it thrive! We live in a county that is so supportive of the arts and really goes above and beyond to help artists have access to the community and vice versa and it is an amazing partnership. I work on and with numerous arts related events all over Lackawanna County and each and every one of them increase the richness in NEPA and AOTS is no exception!

Find out More about Laura:
Twitter: @organicography
Instagram: @organicography