Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Photographer Brandi Merolla

Friday, July 4, 2014
We’re so excited to share the work of Photographer Brandi Merolla.  Many of the figures in her Scenes from theAttic collection originated from the flea fairs and yard sales of NEPA.  We just love her work and are glad she’s venturing from NY State to participate in Arts on the Square!

Tell us a little about your background in photography and what type of photography you are interested in.
I majored in drawing and photography in college. I love photos that engage the viewer and spark one's imagination no matter what the subject.

Where do you originate from and how did you find out about Arts on the Square?
I grew up in NYC and moved to upstate NY 25 years ago. My friend told me about how great ScrantonMade's Holiday on the Square was this winter. I was intrigued and inspired.

Have you ever been to Scranton?
I go to Scranton monthly. I've guest lectured at Marywood University twice. I love driving around Scranton taking pictures, yard-saling and going to the Circle Drive-In Flea Market!

What inspired your latest collection, Scenes From The Attic?
Scenes From The Attic came to me one day when I was simply looking at some of my collectibles in their curio cabinet. Grouped together they seemed animated and I noticed how they were interacting with each other. It was then that I began posing figurines and photographing the "scenes." All the antique and vintage elements in the photos are from my collection. Then I frame the photos in vintage frames also found at yard sales in PA and NY.

Did you always collect vintage figures and objects?
I have gone to yard sales since I was a child collecting old objects that caught my eye and heart. The history of these dated items still fascinates me. The age and beauty of a piece reflects another time.

Where do you most often show your work?  Do you often participate in arts festivals?  
I mostly show my work in art galleries. However, I have also sold my art and greeting cards at local arts festivals in NY. It's a great way to access the work to a broad, receptive audience. The collectibles I photograph seem to delight and connect with most people.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about you?
I'm really looking forward to participating in ScrantonMade this July! Then this winter, my hope is to sell my Christmas wreaths made of vintage ornaments at the holiday sale. It seems only fitting to show artwork in the location where all the elements in the photos came from.

Contact Brandi Merolla/ Scenes from the Attic
Location: Narrowsburg, NY
FB: Brandi Merolla

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