Makin' It: A Simple Fall Scrap Fabric Garland

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Welcome to our very first d.i.y. craft post on this blog.  We've been so busy with the ScrantonMade artists and have finally had the time to get crafty ourselves.  We can't wait to bring you lots and lots of easy and fun crafts here on the blog.

I'm something of a vintage fabric hoarder.  I do everything from wrapping gifts, to sewing, to decoupaging luggage with it.  Today's project will show you how to take pretty fabric scraps and make an easy and cheap garland to decorate your space for fall.  I love that the fabrics I chose will take me through both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Let's dive in.

First gather together some fabric, yarn (twine will work as well) and some scissors. I chose two complimentary floral fabrics and an old scrap of white tablecloth fabric.

Cut your fabric into long strips.  I didn't worry about cutting in clean lines as I wanted my garland have a soft and organic feel.

Then decide on the length you want for your garland. I varied between 1 and 1-1/2 foot long strips of fabric and made each about 1-1/2" wide.

I made my garland about 6 feet long with each fabric scrap spaced about 1/4" inch apart. I tied each piece of fabric onto with a loose knot.

I added the white fabric scraps last, as an accent, once it was already hung on the wall.

We hope you enjoy this simple way to make your home feel more seasonal without spending a lot of money.

Like this project?  I've got enough fabric and yarn left over for one more garland. Leave a comment to be entered into a contest to win a package of everything you need to make one for yourself!

- Chrissy

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