Vendor Spotlight: Reclaimed A Candle Company and Primrose Design

Thursday, November 1, 2012

We’re so excited to introduce two wonderfully creative local companies, Reclaimed A Candle Company and Primrose Design.  We’ve recently gotten to know Reclaimed and have been struck by the unique beauty of their candles set in original vintage tins, glassware and other vintage objects.  Primrose Designs are an old friend of ours, and a popular feature at Cristin’s brick-and-mortar boutique, GreenBeing. We’re so excited that they are both on board for the Scranton Cultural Center’s Buy Local Holiday Market

Meet Reclaimed A Candle Company’s Ashley Paschke

Tell us a little about your company and how you got started making candles.
Reclaimed A Candle Company is an honest company making honest products!  We started Reclaimed A Candle Company back in June of this year.  Zach, my husband; and I love to go out on the weekends to flea markets to find unique pieces for our home.  A hand-poured candle we received as a Christmas gift inspired us to put a unique and vintage spin on candles. We have been collecting various tins and glassware over the months and now have a full line of candles.   On an average day our kitchen has wax on the stove, all over our wood floors and the smell of something sweet in the air.

What is your best-selling scent?
Reclaimed started out as unscented, but over the past few months we have ventured into a few scents.  As of right now, Red Apple Peel and Sugared Shortbread are our best sellers. 

What items will you be featuring at the Buy Local holiday market?
We will have a few different items featured but my personal favorites are our line of tins, some date back as early as the 1920's!  We will also have our tea tights, votives, assorted glassware and jars.  If you have a piece that you would like us to make into a Reclaimed Candle, please bring it with you to the market and we can chat about the details! 

How can people find you?
Facebook: Reclaimed
Retail Stores:  
Willow Tree Shop (both Scranton and Clark's Summit)
Upcoming shows: 
Buy Local Holiday Market, Scranton Cultural Center, November 25th
Summit Christian Academy Craft Show, Clark's Summit, December 1st

Meet Primrose Design’s Janet McCaffrey

Tell us a little about your company and the concept behind Primrose Design.

Primrose Design's mission is the repurposing of vintage materials into contemporary products better-suited to modern lifestyles. We may not be able to use embroidered handkerchiefs or table linens as they were originally intended but they make really cool pillows and home accessories!

Our product line includes decorative pillows, several styles of lavender sachets, small sewn accessories ( wallets, zippered bags, tissue cozies and key fobs), and kitchen items (tea towels and pot holders). Each is handcrafted from some combination of vintage fabric, embroidered linens, handkerchiefs, vintage buttons, and trims. Vintage materials are sourced from flea markets, antique shows, yard sales, and eBay. During the week I'm a freelance graphic designer but most weekends you'll find me out and about hunting for treasure.

On the Primrose Design website and Etsy shops you'll also find a selection of vintage items for sale—things found in my travels but not used—vintage buttons, trims, sewing and embroidery patterns, knitting and crochet pattern books, vintage fabric, and baby items.

What are some products you'll be featuring at The Holiday Market?

Lavender sachets crafted from layered vintage handkerchiefs and buttons, vintage eyelet and buttons, and stacks of three tied with grosgrain ribbon. I'll have some of my small accessories—mini wallets, zippered bags, key fobs, and tissue cozies. And, if I have enough space, kitchen items like tea towels and pot holders.

What's your best selling product?
For handcrafted products it's the lavender sachet made from vintage handkerchiefs and the keyfobs. In the vintage area it's definitely buttons.

Do you sell your products locally?
Some of my products are available locally at GreenBeing in Scranton.

Follow Primrose Design

Upcoming Shows
Abington Community Library Holiday Marketplace in Clarks Summit, Sat Nove 10th, 10-4pm


  1. Thanks for featuring me and my company. I'm looking forward to the show and to meeting all of you in person!

  2. Janet, it was our pleasure. Looking forward to meeting you as well :)

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