Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Jennifer Barrett of Woven

Sunday, June 21, 2015
We’ve been fancying these gorgeous dreamcatchers since we first spotted them in our Instagram feed.  Meet Jennifer Barrett of Woven; the artist behind these dreamy creations. We can’t wait to see them at Arts on the Square!

Tell us a little about how Woven came about?
Last spring I began making dreamcatchers as a hobby. As I got better I thought about trying to sell them and coincidentally a local store was looking for a local artist that made dreamcatchers to sell in their store. So, in the fall I began selling my dreamcatchers at The Wonderstone Gallery in Dunmore. In March, I decided to make an Etsy page, and with the help of my friend, Woven was created. 

Your dreamcatchers are just, well, so dreamy! What inspired you to start making them?
I don’t really know if anything really inspired me. I’ve always loved them and have received many as gifts. One day I just decided to get some materials and make one. I have been since.

Tell us a little something about your process.
I usually watch a movie or listen to music while I work on a dreamcatcher. Depending on the size, they can take anywhere from 2 hours to many hours over the course of a couple of days. My favorite materials to use are hemp, sticks, feathers, scarf yarn, and any size of metal rings.

Where else can our readers find your work? 
You can find my dreamcatchers in The Wonderstone Gallery in Dunmore, Nearme Yoga in Moosic, and Etsy. I am also doing Arts on the Square in July and First Friday in August at eden-a vegan café.

Find out more about Woven
Instagram: @sailorjennyy

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