Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Megan of Typothecary Letterpress

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
It's so exciting to share talented artists that are going to be first-time AOTS vendors!  Typothecary Letterpress is located in Harrisburg but has a connection to Scranton- some of their antique presses were purchased right here! Meet Megan of Typothecary Letterpress.  

Hi Megan!

Tell us a little about your business and what inspired you to start it.
Typothecary Letterpress started after a trip to a small printing museum in Lancaster PA. Around that same time, I had started taking classes up and down the East Coast and decided it was time to get a press. I found one on Craigslist in the Philly area and five months later, Typothecary Letterpress was born! The thing I love about letterpress is that I can get my hands dirty and it keeps me up and moving around the studio. I was getting so tired of sitting in front of a computer and the letterpress turned out the perfect solution. It allows me to design all of my own materials as well as print other people’s designs. I also love that my press is from the 1800s and is able to print beautiful modern designs, the combination is just stunning! 

How long have you been doing letterpress and graphic design? 
Typothecary Letterpress was officially started in 2011, but I’ve been printing for about 5 years and doing graphic design for about 10 years now. 

We see that you offer many custom packages such as event invites, business and promotional items, as well as art prints. What other types of services and products do you offer?
I am happy to print anything that I can feed into the press. One of the most fun and challenging jobs I printed was over 100,000 cigar labels for a local company. Another product I offer that has been big on Etsy is the photo mats. I get a lot of requests for customizing them and again I love the challenges that are sometimes presented. They are usually made for a really special photograph that will be matted and framed and I love that I can make something that no one else is offering. 

What will you be featuring at Arts on the Square?
I always have a variety of goods including greeting cards, coasters, photo mats, art prints and nursery prints, bookplates and recipe cards. But my two newest items are bottle tags and some really colorful business card boxes. I will also have some of my new bridal advice coasters which are perfect for showers or weddings. 

How did you hear about AOTS? Have you ever been to Scranton before?
Believe it or not, I bought two of my presses from a family in Scranton, so hopefully they will make it to the show! I heard about the show a few years back but was never able to commit to the date unfortunately. A lot of vendors from other shows I have been at kept telling me it was such a great show so I was really excited that I was available this year! 

Where else can readers find your work? 
Find out more about Typothecary Letterpress:
Instagram: @typothecary_lp 

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