Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Artist Jill Hoffman of Forever Pine

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
We’re so inspired by the work of artist Jill Hoffman of Ithaca NY.  She creates animal creatures in paint, ink, charcoal and other mediums that transport the viewer into her magical world. We can’t wait to introduce her to Scranton at Arts on the Square.

Have you always been an artist?
I've been drawing, painting, and creating things ever since I can remember. A lot of my pieces contain images that have stuck with me since childhood. Nature and animals are the foundations in my work.

To me, there's nothing better than surrounding yourself with books, images, and objects that inspire you to create. I love getting into the meditative state of mind that comes with making art and creatively documenting your stream of consciousness.

My media varies and changes often. Acrylic paint, inks, charcoal and chalk pastels are some mediums I use in my work. I like to experiment, so I find myself exploring and working with different materials whenever I feel the inclination to pick up something new! Lately I have been delving into lino-cuts.

 How would you describe your work?
It's always hard to pin-point a description. I consider my style as dark storybook, sometimes reminiscent of folk art, and influenced by Asian styles. I'm a fan of dream art and automatic process, so there tends to be a nod to surrealism. 

Tell us a little bit about your process.
I'm a bit of a split personality with creative process. For certain projects, I like to do a lot of research on subject matter, deliberately choose media and intention for the piece. For others, I like to sketch, play with media, and let images manifest with no expectation. I enjoy both approaches, balancing control with instinct.

I see that you are from Ithaca, NY.  Have you ever been to Scranton before?
I have driven through Scranton, but that is the most of it. I'm excited to get to know the town better!

What are you creating for Arts on the Square?
I've been working on a new series of miniature animal paintings. I'm a bit obsessed with making small art pieces! I'll have matted and framed prints of those, as well as original drawings and paintings. I'm also working on new lino-cuts, silk screen designs, and jewelry with semi-precious stones and hand painted lake-stone animal pendants.

Where can our readers find your work?

I will be a vendor at the Corning Arts and Wine Festival, August 1st and the Hammondsport Festival of Crafts, August 15th and 16th.
You can find my hand painted stones, greeting cards, and prints for sale at Stomping Grounds in Geneva, NY, Amuse Modern Cottage Industry in Ithaca NY and original artwork at Handwork Artisan Cooperative where I work alongside 45 other local artists in Ithaca NY. 
My Etsy shop will be restocked this summer with new work and I frequently update my Facebook page with works in progress.

Find out more about Jill Hoffman – Forever Pine:


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