Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Grace Napoleon of Folk Couture

Monday, June 17, 2013
We originally discovered Grace of Folk Couture at the Brooklyn Flea and were beyond thrilled to get her on board for Arts on the Square.  She's coming all the way from Danbury, CT, to share her fantastical creations with you!

Hi Grace, 

Tell us a little about your company and what inspired you to start it.

Ive been making clothes out of clothes most of my life but as a full time "job" for the past 4 years.  Folk Couture clothing is sold at a few boutiques on the eastern seaboard and in Berlin, Germany.  Folk Couture and I are mainly found at markets and shows from Washington, DC to New Hampshire, Boston and New York. 

How did you learn your craft?  Do you have formal training?

My mom taught me to sew and the only "formal" training would be 1/3 yr home economics in high school way back when.

How would you describe your style & where do you find inspiration?

One of a kind clothing that is as unique as the wonderful women who wear it!
I hunt the world for pattern and texture...color is my forte...

Is there any other information you would like us to highlight about you or your work?

I have a great job!  I get to make women happy!  I am my own boss and I do what I doesn't get much better than that!

Where else can people find Folk Couture?

Folk Couture can be found at New York's famous Brooklyn Flea, Boston’s SOWA Open Market, Craftopia in Rhode Island and many other fun and happy places where you can find brilliant local and handmade wares. 

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Location: Danbury, CT 

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