Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Rebecca Kinsey of Reba Handmade Accessories

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
We’ve been a fan of Rebecca Kinsey’s meticulous craftsmanship and whimsical design for years. We’re excited to share her new venture, Reba Handmade Accessories, and we can’t wait to see what she creates for Arts on the Square

Hi Rebecca!

Tell us a little about Reba Handmade Accessories and what inspired you to start it.

In 2006, my sister and I inherited our grandmother’s sewing machine. It was in rough shape, so our parents bought us a newer machine. I went by a few other names before deciding on Reba HandmadeAccessories last year. My projects evolved over time as my skills improved. Sewing for me is a very rewarding hobby. My customers’ positive feedback really motivates me to keep creating. I sell my items at craft fairs or festivals when I have created enough inventory.

How did you learn your craft?  Do you have formal training?

I have many supportive sewing mentors who have always welcomed my inquiries for advice. There are also many online resources I use such as tutorials on sewing blogs that have been very helpful as well. I feel as though I have learned a lot through trial and error. Having to seam rip a project definitely teaches you a great lesson!

What kind of materials do you use to make your work?  How long does each piece take to make?

Recycled or unwanted fabrics are my favorite kind of fabrics to sew with. The hunt for them is almost as exciting as the end result of a project. Over the years, I have accumulated a great stockpile of fabric from yard sales, retired seamstresses, and even home economic teachers. I also use lots and lots of zippers! I like to take my time when cutting my projects out and sewing them together. You really do get out what you put in, and it shows in the final product. I can make 2 zippered pouches in about an hour, although I usually make them in batches of 10.

How would you describe your style & where do you find inspiration?

Repurposed, vintage-inspired, functional. I love retro floral prints, lace, stripes, and polka dots. I love combining my favorite fabrics to create something appealing and functional like a zippered clutch. They are great for organization purposes or as a clutch for a night out. I have a great appreciation for handmade and DIY. When I see others put in great time and effort as they create, I feel very inspired to do the same.

What items will you be featuring at the Arts on the Square festival?

Zippered pouches in a variety of sizes, as well as specialty clutches and purses.

What is your most popular item?

Lately, I have been making a lot of color-blocked clutches with a lace overlay. They were very popular at my FirstFriday Scranton exhibit.

What are your can’t live without craft room essentials?

My Gingher snipper scissors for clipping threads and the pin cushion I made when I first started sewing.

How do you make your workplace an inspiring place to be?

I open the shades to let as much light in as possible, and put on some great music. Coffee makes time spent sewing even more enjoyable!

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