Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Rebekah King of GypsyJane Pop Up Vintage Shop

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
This stylish vintage shop has been popping up all over town.  Meet Rebekah King, one half of the GypsyJane Pop Up Vintage Shop and see what GJ is bringing to Arts on the Square.  Also, major announcement…coming this summer they will bringing our area its first Vintage Pop Up Shop Mobile Truck!

Hi Rebekah!

When did you start GypsyJane and who is involved?
My business partner, and proverbial partner in crime, Erin Grogan and I started GypsyJane in the fall of 2013. We will be coming up on our one year anniversary.

Pictured: Rebekah Kind and Erin Crotti of GypsyJane
When did you decide to start a vintage shop and why?
Erin and I obviously love all things vintage, from the bric-a-brac on our mantels to the slips and corsets hidden underneath our work dresses. But more than adoring and collecting vintage, we both truly enjoy the process of finding super unique pieces for rad people...mixing textures, prints, styles and eras to create totally new digs for people with bold personalities. That was our real reason for starting GypsyJane.  
We had been kicking around the idea of bringing what we do with our own wardrobes to a boutique for years, even looking at several storefronts, but nothing felt quite right. Erin and I wanted GypsyJane to stand out. What better way to do that than to "pop up" in an already existing venue! Each successful pop up brings us a step closer to getting the GypsyJane Vintage Pop Up Shop mobile truck. Look for it to hit the streets mid-summer.

What types of pieces do you specialize in?  
GypsyJane specializes in quality vintage wear, not a specific era. It's easy to hit flea markets and second hand shops to find vintage clothing. You will be getting a piece that no one else has, for sure. But, that doesn't mean that you are getting quality vintage clothing. We scour every site, shop and auction for the best possible quality to bring to our customers.

Do you have a favorite vintage era or style?
My favorite vintage era is definitely the 1920s. Everything was sleek, flowing and low-cut. I adore 1920s buttons and embellishments. Not many people realize that 20s style dresses, better known as "flapper dresses," often had pockets. As far as I'm concerned, you cannot beat a satin or chiffon dress with a pocket! Style-wise, I'm really digging 1970's jeans right now. Paint-splattered, fraying patches and hems, and unbelievably soft blue jeans. I can't get enough and GypsyJane has dozens of different styles.
Erin favors the feminine cuts of 1940s dresses, skirts and blouses. She is a huge fan of high-waisted wool pants with cuffed hems and silk blouses. Think Katherine Hepburn relaxing on her estate.

What types of pieces are you bringing to Arts on the Square?
We will be bringing our summer inventory to Arts on the Square.  However, storage is not in a galaxy far, far away and we can always grab anything that a customer might want from our winter collection.
-Denim shorties from the 60s through the 90s
-Crop tops galore
-Vintage t-shirts
-Plaid, pleated skirts (which are huge for the fall)
-Day and evening dresses
-Hundreds of earrings and accessories 

What is the best part of running a creative business?
The best thing about running a creative business is that Erin and I are together, doing exactly what we always wanted to do, on our terms.  If our ideas don't pan out the way we expected, at least they were our ideas and not someone else's.
Do you have any other upcoming events on your schedule?  Where else can our readers find you?

GypsyJane will be at the Cornstalk FolkFestival at Lazy Brook Park in Tunkhannock, PA - August 29-31. We will also be popping up all around Scranton during the summer months.
Follow Gypsy Jane Vintage Pop Up Shop:
Instagram: @gypsyjanevintage

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