#shopscranton Spotlight: Meet Danielle Fleming of NOTE Fragrance

Sunday, July 13, 2014

NOTE Fragrances has been in downtown Scranton since 2013.  We had the chance to interview the extraordinary entrepreneur Danielle Fleming on her latest business and passion, NOTE Fragrances, a Boutique Perfumery and Custom Perfume Studio that offers patrons the unique experience of creating their own custom scent.  She’ll be hosting a Scent Inspired Ice Cream Social during Arts on the Square...think lavender flower topped ice cream sundaes...YUM!!!  

Hello Danielle!!!

When did you start your own business and how has it evolved?  
NOTE Fragrances started as an idea over 2 years ago.  Planning the concept, the retail environment and the processes took some time and testing to get it where it is now.     

When did you open Note?  
NOTE opened on Black Friday, 2013.  November 29th to be exact.  

Tell us about Note and the experience people can expect.
NOTE Fragrances is a Boutique Perfumery and a Custom Perfume Studio.  Being a boutique perfumery means we manufacturer our own line of perfumes & colognes in small batches by hand.  We are showcasing 8 eau de parfums in our Signature Collection for both men and women.  

The Custom Perfume Studio, dubbed the most exciting part of the store by many, is where the customer becomes the perfumer and creates their own fragrance from scratch at our scent stations. We walk you through the process of sniffing, combining and blending the notes (aka scents) and then we mix it for you, adjusting proportions as needed, at our Fragrance Bar.  You get to go home with your scented creation made fresh for you, with the finest fragrance ingredients in an organic perfume base.  Your formula is kept on file and registered in our database for easy reordering or building of a new fragrance.  Each formula is also given a unique NOTE ID # that directly connects your formula to you.  

Pictured: Danielle Fleming, NOTE Fragrances

Do you do private parties?  If so tell us more about them and how people can sign up…
When the store closes to the public, it lights back up for private events and parties.  We offer Private Perfume Parties after hours and on weekends.  A fun-filled, interactive and private time where you and your guests are treated to personalized and private guidance by our expertly trained staff as you enjoy the space all to yourself.  Our parties are BYOB and we can also arrange catering for you.  They are great for Ladies’ Night Out, Birthday Parties, Sweet 16 Parties, Couples Date Night and Corporate Events.

What’s your favorite scent and why?  
I don’t have a favorite individual scent or a favorite composition.  I really try to appreciate them all for what they are and what moods they evoke in me.  I would have to say though, I am partial to fresh & clean notes with citrus backgrounds for the summer months and more spicy oriental compositions for the fall and winter.  

What is the latest trend in ‘scents’?
At NOTE, because it is summer time, we are seeing a trend of light and tropical blends that feature coconut, lime, vanilla and white florals of tuberose and frangipani.   The trends we are seeing in the shop are reflective of the global trends around the world.  For the summertime, a modern rose that is light and refreshing with feminine fruity notes of strawberries and peach are trending globally.  As the seasons change into the fall and winter, we will see gourmand notes of vanilla, chocolate and caramel take center stage.   
What’s your favorite thing about doing business in downtown Scranton?
The people.  From the patrons, to the merchants and the folks that work downtown, I love to see them all every day.  There is a sense of community downtown and we are all sticking together to make it the best city it can possibly be.  There are great things happening downtown, we just need to get everyone exposed to its greatness and support it and each other.

Why do you think it’s important to support the arts and events like Arts on The Square?  
I think it is extremely important to support the arts and events like Arts on the Square because this is what makes us stand out as a city, builds excitement for downtown and it keeps people engaged in the city.  We are also supporting each other which is very important to the sustainability of the businesses downtown.  We need more of these events!  

Tell us about what you’ll be offering day of Arts on the Square.  
We will be offering summer inspired refreshments throughout the day as well as Scent-Inspired Ice Cream Social from 1-4 pm.  Join us as we dish out sweetly scented treats for free!  Vanilla ice cream will be topped with scent-inspired toppings such as toasted coconut, lavender flowers and fresh strawberry puree.   And lastly, we will be offering 15% off all products, excluding the Custom Perfume Studio and Gift Certificates throughout the day.   

Find Out More about NOTE Fragrances:
Location: 401 Spruce Street, Downtown Scranton
Twitter: @notefragrances
Instagram: @notefragrances

Special Events & Offerings at NOTE:

We recently launched our wedding division where we are doing some extraordinary things for brides and grooms leading up to and on their wedding day. Wedding day perfume for the bride and cologne for the groom, custom created by the couple and Danielle, has become very popular.  We also make custom scented bridal shower and wedding favors as well as doing bridal showers and bachelorette parties at NOTE.  But perhaps the most exciting part of our wedding division is to have NOTE Fragrances at your wedding reception with a Custom Perfume Bar.  This is where we bring our scents, our process and our staff to your wedding and create a unique and interactive scented experience for you and your guests.  

We are offering a number of Make & Take Workshops and Perfumery Classes throughout the year.  Make & Take Workshops are where we show you how to make products for that bath, body and home using your custom scent formula that you created in the Custom Perfume Studio.  In the Perfumery Classes, Danielle teaches introductory and advanced classes in the art, science and psychology of scent.  
Our Make & Take Schedule & Registration can be found at: http://www.notefragrances.com/pages/make-take-workshops

If you are lookingto get a more in-depth and personalized experience, NOTE Fragrances offers Custom Perfume Creation with Danielle.  In a multi-meeting private consultative process, Danielle will open her doors to her olfactive lab where you will work in tandem to create your signature scent, specifically designed for you.

On our website, www.NOTEfragrances.com, you can find Fragrance Sets and Fragrance Subscription Services, like our Fragrance-of-the-Month Club.  These are great options for exploring the world of scent.


We also sell Gift Certificates, both online and in our store.

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