AOTS Returning Vendor's Top Tips & Testimonials

Monday, May 19, 2014
Arts on the Square is fast approaching and we already have sooo many return vendors….We feel LOVED and oh-so-grateful!  Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing Top Tips from some of our returning vendors who always go above & beyond.   They’ve also shared some very kind words about why they are returning to Arts on the Square ( and we’re blushing... ).

Annie Cadden of Fisher Cat Fiber Company, Bethel Woods, NY
What is your Top Tip for new vendors?
Good signage and clear pricing are a must! Customers like to know what the item costs without having to ask. Tell them how it’s made, that's what they are buying along with the finished product.
Why have you decided to return to Arts on the Square?
I LOVE Scranton, it's a city with a neighborhood feel!  As a vendor, last year's AOTS was a great opportunity for networking, meeting new friends, fellow artisans and making valuable connections.  The team at ScrantonMade are super friendly, organized and go above and beyond with their hospitality. We're looking forward to our day on the Square this year!
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Aubrey McClintock of A Daily Obsession, Scranton, PA
What is your Top Tip for new vendors?
Smile! This one is easy for me, because I am happy to be participating and I totally enjoy what I do! And I tend to smile quite a bit anyway! There are plenty of reasons smiling is important and beneficial, but to put it simply: smiling people are easy to approach, less intimidating, and they look like they are having fun--so wouldn't you be interested in why they are so happy? And, of course, it is easier to smile if you are not stressed about having enough change, needing to use the restroom, or hungry and/or thirsty ;)
Why have you decided to return to Arts on the Square?
There are so many things I loved about AOTS:
It was so well organized, marketed, and planned. There was plenty of communication too. I also feel that the handmade community, makers, artists, musicians, etc are truly appreciated by ScrantonMade. I know such an event takes a massive amount of planning, time, gnashing of teeth, asking for help and favors, and even more time. After the first two events, I think the community really trusts ScrantonMade, knows the caliber of the events they organize, and is looking forward to more events in the future.
That it takes place right smack in downtown Scranton, which I think is such a great location surrounded by fabulous old buildings. I have a total soft spot for Scranton and am proud to live in the area.
The marketing hit a target demographic  that is underserved in the Scranton area, but definitely a growing segment of the population. To me, it is our Scranton version of a Renegade, Art Star, or Crafty Supermarket. Located in NEPA, I think many people could go to NY or Philly for this type of an event, and it is great to have one right here at home. Plus, I think most people had no idea Scranton had so much to offer, and the cohesiveness and professionalism of the events has given a credibility to the craft/art/handmade scene in our area.
That there is so much going on, so you can easily make a day of it: craft vendors, art activities, music and entertainment, food trucks!
All in all, it was a great event and a super positive sales experience. :)
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Thank you Annie & Aubrey for helping to make Arts on the Square such a great event! 

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