Top Vending Tips from Reclaimed A Candle Company's Ashley Paschke

Saturday, May 24, 2014
We've got so many incredible vendors lined up for Arts on the Square.  Ashley from Reclaimed A Candle Company's merchandise presentation is literally a work of art in itself. Check out some of her top tips to make your vending experience a great success.
Don't forget, there is still time to apply to be a vendor at Arts on the Square! 
Top Tips
Make your little space feel welcoming.  Create a space where people will feel welcomed and want to linger for awhile.  I love using small pieces of furniture and rugs to define my space and make it feel homey.
Bring lots of product.  You want your table to look full at all one wants to feel like they only have the items that no one else wanted to chose from.  

Hand out as many cards as you can.  People will admire your work but may not buy anything.  Don't be discouraged...hand them your card and thank them for their kind words.  Your kindness will encourage them to contact you at a later time to purchase something from you.  
Make friends with the other vendors around you.  Over the past two years, I have created friendship with those I have been placed next to at a show.  Offer to watch their booth if they need a quick break, share your snacks and enjoy some laughs with them!  

Don't take yourself too seriously.  Enjoy yourself!  You get to spend the day on beautiful and historic Courthouse Square in your (o.k. really it is MY) favorite city in PA! Chat with those around you and share the passion you have for the pieces you have worked so hard to create.  No one likes a sour puss!
Bring snacks and water.  Last year was packed and you may not be able to sneak away to grab something (ScrantonMade has the reputation of throwing bigger and better events then the one previous so be prepared to stay busy all day!)

What do you love most about Arts on the Square?
I don't know if I can pinpoint what I loved most about AOTS last year.  It could be the snack station they set up for all us overworked, under-slept and hungry vendors.  It could have been the fantastic vendors they hand picked to be a part of the event.  Or how about the amazing crowd they attracted with all the press material.  The ladies of ScrantonMade sure know how to put together an event.  

The whole day was filled with fun shoppers who were not afraid to express their love and enthusiasm for your creations.  Many will even track you down later to buy from you again!  Courthouse Square was the perfect location for this event.  Scranton is full of grassroots and what a better place to showcase all of the talent that is coming out of this town.  We felt so welcomed by the community and you don't always feel that way at shows.

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