AOTS Spotlight: Meet Lindsay & David of Voyager Video!

Saturday, May 31, 2014
We’re always delighted that Arts on the Square gives us the opportunity to partner with other creative entities in the area; it’s one of the most rewarding parts of what we do.  Today, we’re excited to introduce the Voyager Video team of David Corigliano & Lindsay Barrasse.  You may have seen the video they produced for us for last year’s Arts on the Square.  Well, a new video is coming soon and we just can’t wait to see it!

When was Voyager established?  

Voyager was established in 2012 as a freelance production company.  In late 2013 we moved into video production equipment rental.

What was your reason for starting your own company?

We started our own company to be able to practice our craft professionally while maintaining a high level of creative freedom.  As for the equipment rental side of our business, our aim is to help local filmmakers increase their productions values while maintaining their budgets.  Our area has a strong filmmaking community, and the benefit of a rental house seemed obvious to us.  Instead of traveling to NYC or Philadelphia or renting through the mail, filmmakers can now rent nearby, test out equipment, receive hands-on assistance and support through their rental period.  Additionally, we wanted to make sure our rates were as low as possible so producers wouldn’t have to choose between a lens and paying their crew.

When did you decided to merge with L.Productions and what are the benefits?

Well our companies are not technically merged, Lindsay plays a vital role in Voyager Video, but L. Productions remains her separate business under which she sells her artwork, crafts, does professional photography work, and graphic design.  Dave focuses on Voyager Video’s rental department, and the two companies come together for production work.

As a creative couple… What’s your favorite part about working with each other? I’m sure you each play a different role…..

Working with a significant other has it’s rewards and challenges.  It’s great to be able to share this work and our experiences together.  We each have our strengths and weaknesses creatively and our main challenge is working in such a way that we can complement each other as a creative whole, and when that happens the possibilities are endless.  Our roles generally are divided between the creative and technical side - Lindsay is a born director and visual artist with a love for camera operation, while Dave prefers the inner workings of production, lighting, and set composition. The areas where one is weakest the other provides a pillar of strength. Having the same dreams and visions make them become a reality more and more everyday.  There is always a best friend by your side to give you advice, to help push you to reach your best, and give the other one that pep talk to keep on going.

What was the biggest production you've worked on?

We have worked on a few feature films. Last year we both worked on a feature film currently in post-production called “Susquehanna”, written and directed by Jon YonKondy. Lindsay was the assistant director on the feature and David was the director of photography.

We also worked on “The Paragon Cortex”, a feature film written and directed by Scranton native John Kilker.  Lindsay worked in the camera department with a focus on steadicam operation, while David was the head of production design. In 2013, the film won many awards including Distinctive Achievement for Production Design at the 11th Annual Wild Rose Film Festival .

We have also been working on a few ideas for a feature of our own so keep on the look out.

Why is video so important for small businesses?  

Advertising and word-of-mouth are the two major ways small businesses can reach new customers, and social networking has made it possible to do both at once.  Video can be an effective marketing tool is because it allows you to explain your business visually, which is generally the easiest way to disseminate information and keep your potential customers engaged.  A well-crafted video explaining what you do in a creative, fun way can be televised, or shared easily on the web and targeted to your audience through a smart web marketing campaign.  Video gives you the ability to connect with your customers and make your pitch in a way that print can not.  Everyone knows it’s extremely important these days to stay connected to your client base through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc - and we believe that regularly sharing new, interesting video content is just as essential.

How can vendors benefit from having a web video?

Many people will be coming to the Arts on the Square festival not knowing too much of what they are to expect, who will be there, and what everyone is selling.  With so many people walking around and so many vendors, it may be difficult to get your message out and let passerbys know all about that special, unique thing YOU do.  A web video would give you the opportunity to describe and show what you will be offering at the event, and market yourself prior to the festival.  That way, instead of having to worry if people will find you, people will come to the event looking for you.

What’s your favorite part about being a business located in Scranton?

The arts and filmmaking community in Scranton is what keeps us enthused about doing business here and motivated to continue.

Tell us more about your rental options…

We rent 1080p and 4K cameras, lenses, camera support, lighting, and grip gear.  Nothing in our inventory is anything we wouldn't use ourselves - we put a lot of time into researching what equipment to have in our inventory and making sure all of our equipment works well together.  We also strive to make sure our equipment is affordable and work with our clients to put together custom rental packages for their needs and budgets.  Additionally, we understand that not everyone who needs video equipment is making a film or TV commercial, our rates and available inventory are also enthusiast-friendly.  Finally, we want everyone who rents from us to get the most out of their equipment, which is why we are happy to guide them through proper and ideal use of the equipment for the best results.

Are you offering a special to AOTS vendors?  Readers?  If so…

From now until the event, we are offering discounted web videos to vendors who are participating at AOTS.  For $100 vendors we will create a one minute video showcasing the artist and advertising their booth at the event, which they can then use to promote themselves on the web and through social networking sites like Facebook.

Find out more about Voyager Video:
Address: 515 Center St, downtown Scranton
Instagram: @voyagervideo
Team: David Corigliano & Lindsay Barrasse

Find out more about Arts on the Square:
Twitter: @scrantonmade
Instagram: @scrantonmade_blog

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