Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet NEWKIRK HONEY!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We have the sweetest vendors lined up for this year...literally. We're so happy to be bringing Newkirk Honey to this year's Arts on the Square.  Learn more about their business and the benefits of local honey...

Tell us a little about the process of making honey… do the bees get hurt?  
Our bees get never hurt!!!  Beekeeping starts over the spring time usually between March and April throughout Lackawanna County.  And of course, it's all up to the bees.  When we pull out the honey, bees get shook going back to the hive and we just get only frames out then open the combs then go into the extractor. After than all we need to do is bottling in different size so we DO NOT process any of our honeys.

Tell us a little about the importance of bees?
As we all know, bees are in danger in the world. We believe that all the pesticides and commercial pollination are big cause of the issue. But we have to have the bees in your area because 1/3 of all vegetables and fruits produces are pollinated by honeybees. Luckily there are now so many hobby beekeepers that help to solve a part of the issue. So please support your local beekeepers as well as hobby beekeepers for them to keep doing what they are doing.

Do you ever get stung?
Yes we do! It is only normal for us. Haha! Bee sting is supposed to be good so just think it would be only good for us.

How do beeswax skin products differ from run-of-the-mill products found at a chain drug store?
Most of those contain some chemical ingredients involved so I don't believe the results will be the same.
We only use our own beeswax (we leave a lots of honey in the wax because it is an anti-antibiotic) that will cure cracks on the skin. (Trust me on this. It works!) It is very waxy (it contains 50% of our beeswax) which means it will seal your skin and stay with other natural oils and butters that will moisturize your skin as well.

Your soap looks amazing!!! What are the benefits of using honey soap?
It is a natural moisturizer for your skin. It is not only for face but the body and hair. One customer ordered 12 bars of our honey soap. He said that it cured the dandruff problem that he has had for years.
I think it is good for everything! I use it every day too.

I’ve heard that there are many benefits of eating local honey… is that true?  What are some of the health benefits?
For the first of all, honey benefits your immunity system which fights off allergies, colds and flu.
Following all the studies regarding ‘local honey’, if you build your immunity with the local honey that contains the pollens in your area, this will work against allergies because your body got already used to it.  Back in time, honey was a medication. It is a protein, vitamin as well as mineral.  What could be better than the total nutrition package? It's even sweet!

Are you sold in any local stores? 
I have to really apologize to all of our customers who have been asking for our honey. Currently we don't ship because we're working to open our own store and don't want to compete with our retailers who have different price tags on our honeys. By that, we only sell in Philly and NJ not in our area yet. Please keep checking our website; we will let you know as soon as we open our store.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know?
Thank you so much for all your interest in our beekeeping and your support. A few nice words and interest local beekeeping keeps us going and make us believe that we're doing something that someone has to do no matter what.  Working on something that not many of us are willing to do sometimes becomes a big challenge and make us a question "Can we do it?" But we started with faith not with a guarantee. We work harder onto our own jobs to keep this business going and always think about the customers who really appreciate our little works that make their table so healthy and delightful.

As long as there are those people out there, we will be here as a "Good stuff provider".

Business Name: Newkirk Honey
Location: Home base business on the West Mountain. Storefront coming soon!

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