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Friday, June 13, 2014

We’re so happy to share this 3rd installment of our We Love Our Vendors Giveaway Series!  If you are vending at this year’s Arts on the Square, you are already in the running to win a FREE creative class from Nicole’s Classes! We had the chance to interview Mallory of Nicole’s Classes about how their classes can help creative entrepreneurs!

Hello Mallory! We're very excited to introduce your online classes to our busy creative business owners. Your classes seem to be a perfect fit for this particular demographic and their business needs. Can you tell us more about Nicole's Classes humble beginnings and how that grew into what you are today?

Nicole started classes out of her basement in 2007 when her friends and family begged her to teach them how to use their newly purchased DSLR's. While there was lots of information online on how to use your camera, nothing was easy to understand and taught in a relatable way. She soon added Illustrator and Photoshop courses to the classes in the basement and moved them to the online format in 2010.

What is Nicole’s Classes teaching style or philosophy?
Nicole's Classes is committed to giving you the best creative online education. We get the best professionals who are excellent teachers AND working in the field so you can learn from the best. Our classes are flexible, you can learn on your own time (even in your pajamas!) and we think they can work for anyone in any walk of life.

Most of our classes (all in the 101 level) are designed for someone who hasn't ever opened the Illustrator program or whose DSLR is still in the box. We will take you from zero experience to creating the graphics and pictures that you've always dreamed of creating.

How can taking your classes give creative entrepreneurs and artists an edge on the competition?
A lot of our students have used our classes to either start a completely new creative business (stationery, fabric design, portrait photography, etc) or add value to one they've already started. Do you design jewelry but need to learn to take better close up shops for your online shop? We can help you with that! Do you have a blog but want to create enhanced content like gifs and mood boards? We can help you with that!

What’s the most rewarding thing about teaching creative classes?
The most rewarding thing about teaching creative classes is seeing all our students go on to do after completing our classes. As we said before, we have seen former students start of lots of successful design and photography business and blogs, which we love. But even just hearing that a stay at home mom is now able to take shots of her kids that she'll treasure forever… that's why we do what we do!

Many of the Arts on the Square artists do their own product photography.  Can you share a great photography tip that anyone can use?
Here's a LINK to a great photo tip Nicole shared on the blog about product photography.

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