Meet Kerry Burki of Handmade Success & Win "The Complete'" Etsy Success Kit!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The folks over at cater to creative folks just like us; sharing advice and resources to help creatively market your wares and increase sales.  The blog is full of great information with tips, printables, inspirational tid-bits as well as loads of resources. Handmade Success has pARTnered up with AOTS and wants to giveaway a copy of "The Complete" Etsy Kit to one of our lovely vendors!! Don't worry, if you have already signed on to vend at Arts on the Square, you are already entered to win!

Hi Kerry!
Having bought and read The Etsy Success Kit as well as being an avid follower of your Blog - I knew you were the perfect candidate for an AOTS pARTner.

Can you give me a short bio for the Handmade Success blog? Who is involved and what are your roles?
Handmade Success is a place where creatives are supported & celebrated! We share creative business tips, tons of inspiration and support. Jordan Moore, creator of The Etsy Kit, started Handmade Success as a resource for handmade sellers. Kerry Burki, editor of the site, continues to grow the blog to help creative souls everywhere.

Pictured: Kerry Burke

When did you create or 1st launch your blog?   How does it tie into the Etsy Success kit?
The blog was launched in January of 2011. It started as an extension of the Etsy Kit. We brought in contributors and guest posters to write about their successes, struggles and tips in their creative businesses.

Why is etsy a great platform to launch a small creative business?
It is a great platform to start because is it well known and familiar. Creatives can start on the site knowing they are surrounded by other creatives along with tons of tips and advice offered by the Etsy team. Potential buyers will often be asking if you have an Etsy shop.

Why is supporting small creative businesses important? - Also touch on how our fans can sign up on your directory.
Supporting small creative businesses is a way to boost the local economy, focus on quality handiwork and nourish an appreciation for the arts. Something special happens when a connection is made between the maker and the buyer. The best things in life have a story behind them and that is what happens when small creative businesses are supported. Our Shop Small, Shop Local Directory is a way to reach more potential customers. You can learn more on our website here.

What would be your top advice tidbits for our Arts on the Square vendors on how to stand out from the crowd?
Like I mentioned above, learn how to create a story around your products. At craft fairs, be sure to engage people and be open to chatting. Create a beautiful and unique booth that makes it easy for people to interact with your products. Remember to share your process. People love sharing all of these things with the people they buy gifts for or the people who comment on their purchases. You can translate these things online by have a smashing About Page, beautiful product photos and sharing your process in the product description. Handmade Success has a ton of resources for all of this.

Top 3 resources for creative business owners?
1. Handmade Success - of course!
2. Marketing Creativity - tons of amazing advice from a successful creative
3. Oh My! Handmade Goodness - great group of supportive creatives

Where else can people find and follow you?
Handmade Success:
Twitter: @handmadesuccess
Kerry Burki:
Twitter: @kerryburki
Instagram: @kerryburki

Thank you Kerry and Handmade Success for sharing inspiration and your Etsy Success Kit!

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