Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Ryan Lucarelli of All Hands On

Thursday, June 19, 2014
This young designer specializes in the old-school art of handlettering with a modern twist.  His work is both beautiful and clever. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for Arts on the Square.
Hi Ryan!

Tell us more about yourself… what got you into the creative field?

I've always been very into art and drawing. My parents have an entire box full of drawings from when I was a kid. (mostly from the Lion King and Power Rangers) It just seemed logical to try and do something creative as a living. I originally planned on majoring in Advertising but wanted something more hands on and drifted towards Graphic Design.

What do you love most about hand-lettering and printmaking?
I love the look and feel that you get from making things by hand. It makes it special, and worth having. The fact that you can run your hands over the paper, wood, or whatever media you're printing on and actually feel the's pretty awesome! I'm so inspired by early vintage typography and sign painters, and you really can't replicate that on the computer.

What has been your favorite project to date?                                                                                         
My two favorite projects to date are wedding related. I created a Save the Date and Wedding Invitation for two of my best friends. They were letterpressed by Samantha Urbanick of Hand Deliver Press and came out amazing. 

The other project involved creating custom beer labels for a home brew my friend and I made for his wedding.

What kind of work will you be featuring at AOTS?
Bottle openers, prints (on paper and wood), 6-pack carriers. Everything I sell will have some hand lettering incorporated.

What kinds of custom work do you do and how should people contact you?
Custom hand lettering and screen printing. I also do logo and web design.
You can reach me at:

Business Name: All Hands On
Location: Forty Fort, PA
Instagram: @ryanlucarelli

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