Holiday on the Square Spotlight: Vintage Meegan

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
We’re delighted to share another first time Holiday on the Square vendor, Vintage Meegan. They take vintage fabrics and turn them into the most gorgeous handbags and accessories. They are also debuting a new line of candles housed in cool vintage soda bottles!

Tell us about Vintage Meegan and the types of products you make? 
We're based in South Abington Twp and I've been in business since 2009.  I sew all sorts of products out of vintage and recycled materials - purses, bags, coasters, etc.  We've also started making soy wax candles in repurposed vintage bottles.

Have you always been interested in vintage fabrics and is collecting them an obsession?
I've always been interested in vintage stuff - it just seems to have so much more character.  The obsession (because if you saw my fabric stash you would understand that it is truly an obsession) started probably around 2008...  I started doing this so I would have something useful to do with all of this great material.

What types of items are you planning to feature at Holiday on the Square?
We're featuring a new career girl bag I just designed - I'm calling it that because I was looking for a little more structured bag that I could use in my professional day job.  This fits the bill.  I'm also debuting a new style wristlet and some coasters that I think are cool.  But the big new item we're featuring is our Wax Junky candle line.  These are really neat cut down soda bottles - many still have the old colorful artwork still on them.  We love them and we think our clients will too.  A lot of local really cool old bottles.

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