Holiday on the Square Spotlight: Wilbur's Barkery

Friday, November 28, 2014
When it comes to your holiday shopping list, make sure not to forget your furry friends!  Wilbur’s Barkery makes healthy and wholesome treats for your four-legged pals including a gluten-free line for pups with allergies!  Make sure to stop by their booth at Holiday on the Square.

Tell us a little about the founding of Wilbur's Barkery? 
Wilbur's Barkery was started in Spring 2012. But the idea of the Barkery first started around Christmas 2010, the year Wilbur came into our lives! Homemade dog treats were made for all of Wilbur's friends that year for Christmas. After getting a lot of positive feedback about the treats, we began making other types of healthy, homemade treats for dogs. We found by making these treats for Wilbur, it helped him maintain a healthy diet without the fillers that are added to store-bought treats. We also learned that Wilbur also has colitis, which is agitated by the fillers and preservatives in store-bought treats. All of our treats Wilbur can eat without agitating his colitis. 

After doing a lot of research on what is healthy and unhealthy for dogs, recipes were formed and dog treats were made. As we continue to learn more about the health benefits of certain foods, recipes we create will incorporate these foods so your dog can reap the health benefits as well.

Our promise to you is we will bake our treats to order! We pride ourselves on healthy, wholesome treats with no fillers, animal by-products, chemicals, coloring, artificial additives, or preservatives. With this process, we can ensure that the treats are healthy and you can feel good feeding them to your pet!

What kinds of products will you be featuring at Holiday on the Square? 
We are looking forward to be a part of this year's Holiday on the Square! I have been busy baking a lot of delicious treats for our four-legged friends! We will have a variety of items available. There are 5 types of Woofer (bone) flavors to choose from: Oats and Honey, Sweet Potato and Apple, Banana Carrot, Wheat (topped with a Worcestershire sauce glaze), and of course Peanut Butter! Our bones come in a variety of sizes ranging from mini bones to x-large bones! We also have a line of soft treats for those dogs who prefer something softer to chew on. Those dogs who have allergies...we have a line of gluten free treats as well!

As for the holidays, we have some great stocking stuffers and ornaments filled with bones! We also have some bones cut in Christmas shapes and wrapped like presents! For those of you who like to bake your own bones or are looking for something fun to do this holiday season with your children or grandchildren, we have "Make Your Own Dog Treats" jars available! We give you all the dry ingredients, a cookie cutter, and the recipe. All you need to do is add the wet ingredients and have fun!  

Is there anywhere else our readers can find your products? 
We have an online store ( where orders can be placed. We also have our treats at The Post in Scranton and in Stately Pet Supply in Clarks Summit. We are also in the process talking with some other stores to get our treat in. 

Find out more about Wilbur’s Barkery:

Pictured above: Wilbur!

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