Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet the BIG THREE and the Arts in the City Stage

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Hey Amy,

I can’t help but call you guys The Big Three; The Scranton Cultural Center (SCC), Lackawanna County Library System, and last but not least The Everhart Museum.  Lackawanna County and ScrantonMade are so excited to have this team working together with so many talented artists and performers on a creatively stimulating piece. Tell us what we can expect from this diverse trio....

What’s the title of the collaboration?
Art in the City: Text in Action

L-R: Scranton Cultural Center, Everhart Museum, Lackawanna County Library System

Tell us all about the collaboration:  how it came about, how each organization is represented, and what ties them all together?

This collaboration will integrate visual arts, literacy and performance. The theme is “Art in the City: Text in Action” with an emphasis on street art and localisms. Street art is any art developed in public spaces.  Localisms can be defined as local interests and customs or in this case, local linguistics or language.

The visual element will be represented by the Everhart Museum. Local artists will be preparing a live and interactive mural piece that will wrap itself around part of our tent. Local artists will provide on-site demonstrations on creating a mixed media street art mural. This mural will incorporate local imagery and “localisms” provided by the Lackawanna County Library System.

The literacy element will be represented by the Lackawanna County LibrarySystem. They are going to provide the selected text that will be incorporated into the mural. The Lackawanna County Library System will also be working with local artists who will demonstrate the art of found poetry.

The performance element will be represented by the ScrantonCultural Center at the Masonic Temple. Local artists representing the SCC will demonstrate the art of spoken word and create interactive performance-based activities.

Writer/Performer Jennifer Hill: Wheat Pasting/Stencil Demonstration, Wordsmith Workshop.

Can people participate?  If so how?

Our tent will feature an ongoing interactive mixed media art mural that patrons may add text and color to throughout the day.  Additionally, there will be a comedy improvisation workshop, as well as,a writer’s workshop for patrons of the event.  Patrons may also observe live demonstrations and performances throughout the day.

Alternate Route to Hoboken: an original play by Jack McGuigan (from left: Conor McGuigan and John Pivovarnick)

What excites you most about the project?

We love collaboration!  We are thrilled to be a part of something new and are looking forward to partnering with a great group of local artists, and community groups.  Arts on the Square will be a great venue for our three organizations to showcase the kinds of educational programming we offer throughout the year.

Black Girl White Boy: A Spoken Word Poem by Jon Sands and Angel Nafis, performed by Zia Lawrence and Joe McGurl (Pictured: Zia Lawrence)

Have you collaborated before on this type of art exhibition and, if so, please tell us about it?

In past years, the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic, the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Art and Science, and the Lackawanna County Library System have partnered in several different capacities including; Sunday in the Park, First Friday, Summer Reading Program, and Pages & Places. All the events listed above were completely free to the community.

Here we are in Spain. (from left: Patrick Martin, Matthew Britain Perry Giblin, Patrick Holmes and Baxter Pancake.) Photo: Alex Seeley Photography.

Do you think there is a community benefit with events such as this?

The events held throughout the year educate the community on various art forms and provide a venue for local artists and businesses to showcase their work. These events are also an opportunity for our sites to promote all we have to offer.

Comedian John Walton


Art in the City: Text in Action

12:00 – 12:30   Liz Parry Faist, Jennifer Hill
Wheat pasting and Stencil Demonstration

12:45 - 1:15 Jennifer Hill and Andrea McGuigan
Wordsmith Workshop

1:30 – 2:00 “Here we are in Spain”
Improv Comedy Performance

2:15 – 3:00 Pamela Hill from Scranton Storyslam

Alternate Route to Hoboken, an original ten-minute play by Jack McGuigan performed by
Conor McGuigan, John Pivovarnick, and Sarah Regan

Black Girl White Boy: A Spoken Word Poem by Jon Sands and Angel Nafis, performed by Zia Lawrence and Joe McGurl

 & A Funny Coming-of-Age Story, by comedian John Walton

3:15 - 3:45 “Here we are in Spain”
Improvisation Comedy Text Workshop

4:00 - 4:30 Everhart Museum

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