Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Lindsay Barrasse of L. Productions

Monday, July 22, 2013
Popular around town and the world wide web, Lindsay Barasse of L.Productions has been producing videography for Arts on The Square and is also hosting “The Artist's Showcase” - a series of DIY art classes being held at the event.  Her vinyl cut clocks have been featured on as well as many other popular websites and blogs. Get to know a little more about Lindsay...

Hi Lindsay!  

Tell us a little about L. Productions and your Vinyl Cut collection.

L. Productions is everything I create; it is my baby.  I produce art in many different mediums and just keep growing in my passions and talents.  L. Productions encompasses everything I do:  my fine art, my crafty vinyl record clocks, and my camera work and video production.  It is everything me.

The hand-cut vinyl record clocks was one of those “AHA!” moments.  I collect vintage brownie cameras and I had the idea to turn them into clocks.  Then my boyfriend (David Corigliano) suggested making a clock out of a vinyl record, but I thought it would look too plain.  I thought maybe it would be more interesting to cut into it the records and make designs, and went to a craft store to purchase a woodcutter or hot knife.  I thought “What is round and a cool design?”  My mind quickly went to the Death Star as I am a Star Wars fan.  My boyfriend put my design on Reddit and it was a huge hit, racking up hundreds of thousands of hits and directing traffic to my ETSY page, where I quickly began to sell a lot of clocks.  From there I branched out into other designs.

I also love making the vinyl record clocks because it is upcycling at its finest, and enables me to be part of the local business community.  I support shopping locally.  I purchase the records from RJ at Embassy Vinyl on Adams Avenue, Scranton.  They are records he cannot use or that have been destroyed so they would otherwise just sit in a landfill.  I take them and I create something that will live on.  The back of the clocks have corks to support them against the wall.  I purchase some corks from craft stores but a good chunk of them come from the wine bottles opened at my father’s restaurant, Billy B’s.  It saves me money and keeps them out of the garbage.  I then buy clocks for the parts I need.  The plastic casings either go to my sister (Nicole Barrasse) or other teachers and crafters to create shadow boxes.  I have also used them to store my handcrafted jewelry.  Then the leftover cardboard from the record sleeves are used as paint palettes.  Everything is used and nothing is wasted.

What’s your favorite thing about being behind the camera?

To put it simply: I capture life.  Even though I am not going to live 100 years from now, the thought of creating something and having it live on is just a great feeling.  There is so much beauty in this world; to capture it and share it is wonderful.  I feel at home behind the camera or involved with production and film in any fashion, it makes me feel complete.

What classes will be offered in your tent at Arts on The Square?

There are so many talented people who will be participating in “The Artists Showcase”.  I will be assisting David Corigliano with a lecture about how to film with a DSLR camera.  It is a brief version of what will be offered at The Pennsylvania Film School.  There is also a seminar about the Film School Workshops offered through The Pennsylvania Film School by Joe Van Wie and Tim Calpin.

The day will start off with a Meet and Greet with some animals from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.  At 1pm there will be a demonstration of the unique craft of handcut paper art by artist Jamie B. Hannigian.  Following that, at 2 pm, is a brief introduction to Acting by Michaela Moore.  At 3 pm is the Filming with your DSLR camera followed by the Film School workshop at 4 pm.  At 5 pm, Theatrics, Unveiled: a behind-the-curtain chat with Eleanor Gwyn-Jones!  Rebecca Sitar of Bex Body Sculpting will be teaching a body sculpting yoga class at 6pm.  Then the art of belly dancing by Sandstorm Fitness Dancer and Kalii at 7pm.  Additional information will be available at the welcoming station during Arts on the Square and

Why are events like this important to you and the community?

Events such as Arts On The Square contribute to the exchange of culture and ideas while helping the area prosper, grow, and live on.  Art in general helps bring a community to life; it defines unique characteristics.   This can then attract tourists and they contribute to the economic well-being of the community.

Why should people be excited for Arts on The Square?

Festivals not only bring in tourism, but also engage and inspire residents of the community.  There will be so much going and something for everyone.  Arts On The Square - as corny as it sounds - I hope, will bring happiness.  Scranton looks good happy so let’s make it have one big smile.

The Artist’s Showcase Schedule 
12 pm – Griffin Pond Animal Shelter Meet and Greet with Animals
1 pm – Hand Cut Paper Art by Jamie B. Hannigian
2 pm – Theater Discovery with Michaela Moore of All About Theatre Performing Arts School
3 pm – Movie Making Using Your DSLR Camera with Lindsay Barrasse and David Corigliano
4 pm – A Film School Workshop Seminar by The Pennsylvania Film School
5 pm – Theatricks, Unveiled; a behind the curtain chat with British writer and Scranton resident, Eleanor Gwyn-Jones
6 pm – Body Sculpting Yoga with Rebecca Sitar of Bex Body Sculpting
7 pm – The Art of Belly Dancing with Sandstorm Fitness Dancer and Kalii

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A huge thank you to L. Productions, JVW Inc., Voyager Video, Fox 56, The Pennsylvania Film School and, of course,  Lindsay Barrasse for the making of this video!

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