Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet C. Stanley Hale of Charles Arts

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
This talented artist will be showing his work publicly for the first time at Arts on the Square.  We're so excited to be the ones to introduce you to C. Stanley Hale of Charles Arts.  His work will definitely brighten up The Square on July 27th!

Tell us a little about your arts business and what inspired you to start it. 

My arts business commences with “Arts on the Square.” Although I have been painting since 2009, this is my first show and sale. Inspiration for the business was my wife, she says “sell your paintings; there is no more room in the house.” Once I finish work on this show I plan to assemble a catalog and seek shows in other local venues.

What is your arts background?  Do you have formal training?

My formal training was in the public schools of upstate New York. Although my adult career has been in engineering that early education serves me well as I make the transition from raising a family and closing out a career in manufacturing. I have trained myself in oil painting since starting in 2009.

What is your medium and how would you describe your aesthetic?

My primary medium is Oil on Canvas. Color and Curve are the primary elements of my artistic aesthetic. This can be seen in the photos of my work.

Where do you find inspiration?

It is the feel of the paint, the excitement of the color, and the motion of my hand and body as I get that paint on the canvas which drives me; I cannot resist the feel of it. I have to play.

There is no idea, orthodoxy, system or theory that inspires the content of my art. It is simply what reveals itself; it is what comes out of my hand, driven by the Muse. When she visits it is an ecstatic and compelling experience.

What will you be featuring at the Arts on the Square festival?

I will be showing a full range of my paintings from the smallest 9” X 12” to the largest 24” X 30” sizes.

Is there any other information you would like us to share/highlight about you or your work?

I have learned that living with my paintings is a continuous process of discovery. In the course of time new things reveal themselves in a painting; things of which I was unaware in the making. It is my hope that others will enjoy that discovery process.

Name of business: Charles Arts
Location:  Dunmore, PA

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