Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet Rogue Chimp

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Their jazz techno fusion sets them apart from the crowd.  ScrantonMade sat down to interview Jacob Cole of Rogue Chimp to talk music, live shows and their new album.  We can't wait for their performance at Arts on the Square. 

Hey Chimpers,

Tell me a little about the band, it’s background and influences, and the type of music you play.

My brother Zach and I started this band 7 years ago, and we have been evolving ever since.  We have always been an original instrumental progressive dance band, but have since added the super funky bass lines of Jon Ventre and the magical, cinematic, and jazz infused violin of Mark Woodyatt.

Having a personal connection with the band I know you guys have had your ups and downs, what are some of the challenges a band faces?  

Basically just making sure everyone in the bands values are on the same page.  A band is like any relationship with other people; it can be very delicate.  We have gone through five bassists, and I think we have finally found the one!

What is the absolute best part of playing your music?  

The feeling it can give me when we are so deep in the music that the rest of the world's problems seem to fade away and the only thing that matters in that moment is the music! Also it's always a nice feeling to see fans dancing and getting what we take away from Rogue Chimp.

Can you explain your song writing techniques and song title choices?  Are the titles representative of stories the songs are telling?  

Usually the songs all have come about from a single idea that someone in the band has at practice, then we all throw ideas at that and it naturally evolves from there.  Basically, most of our songs have come from jamming at the beginning of rehearsals, then frankensteining other new ideas at the beginning or end of the original idea.  Thats why our songs are very unpredictable; they are certainly not the cookie cutter song form you hear on pop-radio.  The titles have come about in many different ways, from how the song makes us feel, maybe from the name of a synth patch on a keyboard; we even named a song after our original bassist's garage heater!

Word on the street is that you guys sometimes play with chimp masks on?!? Will you be wearing masks at Arts on the Square?!

Hmmm, this is true. We have been known to regress to our former chimp selves, but usually it's at night when its a bit cooler out.  But its not out of the question for Arts on the Square!

I see you have a new EP out will it be available at AotS and where else can fans buy it?

Yes we will have digital drop cards that one can purchase for $5 and then download on a home computer.  You can also buy it from our website.

Do you have any videos we can share with our readers?

Here is a video that was captured us in our natural habbitat

Thanks guys!

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