Arts on the Square Spotlight: Meet The Pop Up Studio

Friday, July 19, 2013
We are always inspired by The Pop Up Studio’s curated experiences.  This dynamic group is creating one of their signature experiences for Arts on the Square.  You won’t want to miss out on being a part of it and getting to know this visionary team. 

Hi Mike!

Tell us a little about what inspired The Pop Up Studio and how the members came together.

The Pop Up Studio was formed by a group of young artists, thinkers, and designers.  We are inspired by Scranton's amazing architecture, unique culture, and tremendous history.

Photo: Chala Jan Photographic Imagery

 Why is Pop Up unique and what has the community response been to your events?

Since our art isn't necessary something that is hung on a wall and often isn't an object at all, we design human interactions.  We create gatherings that engage the entire community through shared experiences where all of the senses are heightened.  The support has been incredible!  We continue to develop a fan base that seeks to learn more about each other and their surroundings, all while having fun.

What kind of events have you done in the past?

Because every event is an entirely new theme and location, our work is always fresh.  One event explored the idea of 'soft' and the numerous ways to interact with this sensation through constructions and environments created within the Tripp House. Another event was entirely about potholes and how to create a positive experience with them.  For this, we constructed a temporary gallery in an old garage that you roll through on your back to experience potholes from below.  Our website's photo archive does a great job of capturing the essence of all of our work.

Photo: Chala Jan Photographic Imagery

What are you putting together for Arts on the Square?

We enjoy asking people to participate in being creative with us. It allows people to physically engage and interact with their city in new and fun ways.  .For Arts on the Square, we are excited about hosting our first mini Sidewalk Art Festival where the community can take-on transforming the square with vibrant color and chalk art.  We will be providing buckets loaded with chalk and assigning sidewalk space.  As this event grows, we hope to make it around the square someday. 

Is there any other information you would like us to highlight about The Pop Up Studio?

Because we couldn't exist without broad community support, we always welcome the opportunity to meet new people, businesses, and organizations.  Contact us if you have an idea for an event, to discuss ideas, share materials, loan us space, or even to volunteer with us.  Email us at

Photo: Chala Jan Photographic Imagery

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